The LAB Golf Performance Program

Unlocking Your Full Potential on the Course

Take The Guessing Game out of your Game

At its core, our golf performance program is about addressing the underlying physical issues that may be hindering a golfer’s game. These can range from joint pain, poor swing posture, lack of proper joint mobility, lack of strength/speed and much more.Our Golf Performance Program is about helping golfers unlock their full potential on the course – whether you’re a weekend player or a seasoned pro. The “perfect swing” is different for every golfer, depending on their body type & abilities – let us help you achieve YOUR perfect swing.

What to Expect?

  1. The program begins with a detailed physical assessment by TPI-Certified, Golf Sports Chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Lalonde. The assessment is an hour-long, in-depth analysis of all underlying physical issues that may be hindering your game.
  2. Through the assessment, we’ll be able to determine a custom, individualized rehab/training program, which will be shared with you, our Golf-Specific Personal Trainer & your golf coach, if you have one.
  3. Your progress & program will consistently be re-evaluated through open lines of communication between therapist, trainer & coach (if you have one).
  4. Dominate the golf course

Who Are We?

Dr. Thomas Lalonde

DC, B.Kin, Dip FHP, Acu, IP, IA, DNS, ART, TPI

Matthew Nadler

Hons BSc HK


What’s The Cost?

– 1-on-1 Training Session – 100$ (+tax)
– 2-on-1 Training Session – 150$ (+tax)
– 3-on-1 Training Session – 200$ (+tax)
– At-Home Golf Performance Training Program – 150$ (+tax)

Thomas Lalonde

Doctorate of Chiropractic

Dr. Thomas Lalonde is a Chiropractor with nearly a decade of experience in the Fitness/Rehab Industry. He holds a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion with honours from Humber college, a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours from Brock University, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Dr. Lalonde has an extensive background in treating sport injuries, specifically specializing in Golf Performance Therapy. In 2021, he traveled with the Toronto Players Tour as their Head Therapist, He took on the role of Head Performance Therapist for an Ontario based Golf Program and  continues to serve as the Head Therapist for the Osprey Valley Open on the PGA Tour Canada.

Throughout his education, Dr. Lalonde has spent time furthering his knowledge and is also Certified in Integrated Needling Acupuncture, Integrated Assessment + Integrated Patterning, Titleist Performance Institute, Active Release Technique as well as, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. He is also one of the Lead Instructors for Integrated Seminar Series – an innovative, evidence-informed courseware in mobility, movement patterning, rehabilitation, and Acupuncture for other healthcare providers taught around the world.

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours
  • Diploma of Fitness & Health Promotion
  • Integrated Needling Acupuncture Certified
  • Integrated Assessment
  • Integrated Patterning
  • Lead Instructor for Integrated Seminar Series
  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1&2 Medical
  • Active Release Technique
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization A&B
  • Certified Personal Trainer

Riley Dane

RMT, Hons. BA Kin

I started out in this field because I was inspired by the care and sports rehab that I received when I was an athlete. From competitive gymnastics to soccer to varsity track and field, I’ve been in and out of my fair share of clinics!

I have a passion for helping people return to doing what they love. Whether that be sports, recreational activity, or returning to a pain-free everyday life. I want to work as a team with each individual to create a treatment that fits their mental and physical needs. I believe that exercise and activity is an essential component of wellbeing and want my clients to be able to engage in these activities without compromise.

Education-wise I went to Western (GO STANGS!) for my undergrad, earning a Honours Bachelor of Arts with Specialization in Kinesiology and followed that with a Diploma of Massage Therapy from Sutherland-Chan.

In my spare time, I like to lift weights, read, play volleyball and spend time with family. I’m a huge sports fan, especially the Leafs, Raps and Jays!